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Marketing, Creative & Technology Services for Small Businesses

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Tom Lanen, 2016 Thomas Marketing Services CorporationFounding or re-energizing your business? Welcome! 27 years into it, with the likes of the Velcro Group (17 years), Thermo Fisher Scientific (3 businesses over 15 years), Ovation Benefits Group (15 years), and Keurig on board, I’m a go-to brand and content marketing guy with lead gen, sales, writing, and social media chops; and a strategic headset to frame them for measurable effect and momentum. Not just sustaining, but accelerating — while managing growth.

With twin sons entering college in the Fall, I’m taking on interesting marketing challenges, ready to go all-in for principals who do it like they mean it.

Call me, Tom Lanen, in confidence and without obligation at (508) 951-0130. Let’s get creative and focused, eyes on the prize.

Lean Branding Programs for Entrepreneurs

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“We engage, and then we see.”~ Napoleon

Thomas Marketing Services’ TMS MVB™ Core programs help startup and enterprise entrepreneurs and innovators rapidly develop a minimum viable brand — an authentic and engaging ‘story’ and strategic platform upon which a minimum viable product (MVP) can be positioned to qualify for value (profit) premiums, while helping build and sustain the business. Click > for more.

The TMS MVB™ Journal starts below

Minimum Viable Brand Canvas (Downloadable)

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At the heart of the lean go-to-market model, whether startup or enterprise, is the Lean Business canvas. An actionable living document, it takes the place of “the perfect business plan” used by traditional stealth mode-type startups — with the clear understanding that in early stages ‘done’ is far more preferable than ‘ideal.’

Its goal is to support the minimum viable product at the center of the lean business by adding emotive dimension that yields “the only” status — key to qualifying for branded value (profit) margins.

Please click > below to view the Thomas Marketing Services “Lean Movement” business canvas, which you’re welcome to use as you’d like.

If you’d like to chat about getting the most from it, your call is always welcome: (508) 233-2105

Guest Post: ‘Live, Protect + Strengthen the Brand’

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By Bill Carew, Ovation Benefits Group
[From a post that first appeared in the Ovation Nation Blog in 2012.]

I have always been infatuated with the power of strong brands. Since we started this business 10 years ago, we tried to build an organization—and a brand—that reflected who we were as individuals and what we thought our customers valued the most:

– Image
– Integrity
– Service
– Creativity
– Commitment
– Innovation
– Excellence
– Positive Energy
– Passion
– Personality

I learned to appreciate the power of the brand by working with branding guru Tom Lanen of Thomas Marketing Services Corporation, who taught me about brand equity and the need to constantly and continuously protect and preserve and strengthen your brand. “Protect it at all costs” …