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Think of Me As
A Brand Marketing GPS for Scientists and Academics.

By on Jun 19, 2017 in Brand, Coaching, Innovation, Marketing, Mentoring, scientific commercialization, Strategy | 0 comments

Thomas G Lanen Thomas Marketing Services Corporation May 2017Hello! I’m Tom Lanen, and I offer needs-based integrated inbound, social, and outbound marketing, and coaching.

While my brand development and marketing experience is wide ranging in support of well-known brands such as Velcro™, Keurig™, and Thermo Fisher Scientific™,
today my sweet spot is helping scientists, academics, and technologists commercialize and market their innovations, technologies, and patents.

I help them focus, articulate, and amplify their brand and position;
quantify goals, plan their marketing and sales strategies;
and execute fast and well via best practices and Agile
business, marketing, and sales process,
and technology. +1 (508) 951-0130

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Brand, As It Should Be

By on Mar 2, 2017 in Brand, Coaching, Marketing, Mentoring, Strategy |

I’ve just completed my first significant assignment solely as a strategy and brand coach, versus the full-service ad agency guy I’ve been throughout my career. When I took the assignment, I expected it to be routine: the charge was to help re-establish a mid-technology B2B brand, and the beginnings of a marketing program — right in my wheelhouse. But, while one of my primary goals was to encourage the client’s staff to take over content and social media creation, I expected resistance, and thought I’d still have to be part of the tactical team.

Then I met the young stakeholders of this Austrian mid-technology business, and they stepped-up and took full ownership of the brand. I was delighted … click > below to read more