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Fish Where The Fish Are Today: Essential Brand Marketing and Coaching For Business Owners

“Never go fishing without a hook.” – Ida Manninen

As little boys, my brothers and I thought our fishing maven Finnish Grandma was just being silly with us, the sparkle in her eyes our clue. And of course she was.

Fishing Where The Fish Are Today - Thomas Marketing Services_Tom Lanen_Brand, As It Should BeBut in this Zen moment she seeded a profound business dynamic for me. Because a business will face rough waters if its ‘hook’ — a unique and desirable brand truth — is not formally defined. And knowing it yourself doesn’t mean your customers or staff do, a common assumption of those who live and breathe their businesses.

Fact is, it’s no longer about creating an epic myth and selling it, as it was in Mad Men days. Today it’s about sharing your truth across the board. It’s a foundational building block atop which staff, product, distribution, and operations are grounded.

New Options for Small Business Leaders. 

It’s been my experience the last thing a business owner needs is someone telling them what to do, see, or think. If that was their goal they’d work for someone else rather than take it all on themselves.

Thomas Marketing Services, branding optionsThey need to know their options. Then, armed with vetted information they can use, they make better decisions driving the company’s fortunes, and their own.

That’s the premise behind Fishing Where The Fish Are Today™, my primary offering for small business owners and marketers.

The latest iteration in our ongoing commitment to agile marketing, the first element, as needed, is an in-service or webinar that helps identify and demystify today’s media and marketing options; and best practices specific to your category and marketplace.

It’s here, in a workshop format, we also introduce and flush out strategic positioning you can brand and own; and for which value premiums can be attached. Not just the what your brand stands for, but why it matters. And why anyone should care.

In short, we customize a program to answer your marketing and sales process questions, and fill in the skip-jumps in your marketing knowledge base.

Then, armed with options, we can help you create a do-able marketing and sales action plan to drive your numbers. And help you get it done, using your resources and ours to contain costs.

All coaching sessions are purposely bite-sized — 1 to 1.5 hours — enough to make headway without glazing over your eyes.

Leave That Fixed-Cost Marketer Salary in Your Pocket.

Thomas Brand Pilot Coaching - a-better-marketing-process

A better brand marketing process gets it done.

Today’s CMOs make a ton of dough. And very often they’re worth it for the tons they make their principals.

Which is all fine and well for larger businesses. But if you’re a startup or a smaller going business with unfulfilled potential, your options are more limited.

This is my sweet spot: the business or organization that needs expert marketing capability, but who’d rather moderate the budget liability. And with in-depth and documented experience, I’ve the integrated inbound, outbound, digital marketing, and design chops to help achieve your goals. And everything we’ll do together will be measurable where it counts: sales and profitability.

I offer short- and longer-term contacts giving you on-the-spot access to me, and my marketing and project management expertise; and my vetted creative, technical and marketing services resources.

I’m affordable, and offer a sliding scale for small businesses and startups. Please contact me, Tom Lanen, at +1 508-951-0130 for more information and on-the-spot pricing.

But think: rather than cutting bait within hours you could be up and fishing where the fish are today, armed with marketing and sales best practices, a knowledgeable guide, and a sharp hook.

Come hungry.

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