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Think of me as your brand marketing GPS.

By on Mar 18, 2017 in Brand, Coaching, Innovation, Marketing, Mentoring, Strategy | 0 comments

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Welcome to a different kind of marketing advisory business. One with a current and in-depth understanding of best practices, and how to harness their power. A hands-on coach to help you dodge hazards and build headway with confidence.

Tom Lanen Strategy, Brand, Social Media coacToday it’s a brave new world in marketing. In the Golden Age of advertising (aka the Mad Men era) it was all about creating a myth and selling it. But in today’s Purpose Economy, it’s about finding a truth and sharing it. And not just the ‘what’ but why it matters (more on this below).

By definition then, I don’t “create” brands: a brand is a direct reflection of its owners. And the position for which it’s to be known must be authentic to their goods and services, and their way of doing businesses. The difference is you.™

So to get a sense of what it will take to hit your numbers, my first step is to ask questions, and listen to your sensibilities, goals, and unique circumstances — your people, resources and operations. Typically this starts with a 30-minute online meeting, and is offered at no cost or obligation.

Tom Lanen, Thomas Marketing Services Corp brand coachThen, if it makes mutual sense we work together, and armed with further direction and deeper understanding, I’ll help plot a strategic, do-able, and sure course. And guarantee it.

Process Drives Outcomes.

For me, it’s about not letting preconceived outcomes drive the marketing strategy, because this limits you to your known orbit. Rather, I help establish a strategic business and brand marketing process that helps expand current markets, and gain a measurable presence in new ones.

Actionable and repeatable, my Thomas Brand Pilot™ processes, and my NEW “Fishing Where The Fish Are Today™ program can help you understand where you are in your growth plan at any given moment. Too, these programs can help you believe what you know — so you can act upon opportunity without hesitation.

As needed, I can also bring all the outsourced expertise and resources you need — and no more — to help focus, articulate, and amplify your brand. SERVICES

Not ‘reinventing’ (a bullshit word — applicable only in hyperbole) it, but sharpening its position, its truth, and expanding upon its core dynamics and emotions.

And then presenting it well, consistently, and with engaging panache — within your company and culture, and the markets it serves.

What you do is important. But why you do it and why it matters are the emotions that help people buy. It’s what enables them to make your brand part of their own. And that’s what we’re really asking of them in today’s Purpose Economy.

Because people — customers, innovators and support cast — make great brands. And sure, great products too. But I’ll say it again. The difference is you.™

 Thomas Marketing Services: ServicesThe caveat: you’ll be riding point on tactics. After 35 years hand-to-hand marketing and ad agency combat, my role has evolved from operations, marketing and creative management to strategy, branding, and social media coach — and sounding board. This includes all the direction needed to field and measure integrated programs designed to achieve your goals. SERVICES

It’s perspective grounded by current best practices, and proven success. It can help you better see opportunities while further qualifying goods for earned branded value premiums (read: greater profits).

While my primary function is strategic in nature, I’m also a connector, and have a range of well-qualified tactical marketing services and creative professionals readily at hand to help achieve your goals. And to get it done well and fast (read: affordably).

Please contact me, Tom Lanen, for more information, pricing, and scheduling. (508) 951-0130
Resume: Thomas (Tom) Lanen, Strategy, Brand, and Marketing Coach

ThomasMarketing Services Corp_Brand Eco-System & Visual Design System.

A branded visual design and marketing ‘eco-system’ that expands upon the identity established by the logo; with all tactics aligned with the core strategic brand communications platform to create a consistent and engaging brand presence. This business, Pacific Resources, was sold in a private sale to a large consulting business just two years after we restaged the brand, as depicted in this “Self-Sustaining Brand Eco-System.” (Click on image to view larger size.)



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