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Think of Me As Your Brand Marketing GPS

By on Oct 1, 2017 in Brand, Branding, Coaching, Innovation, Lean, Marketing, Mentoring, Startup, Strategy, Turnaround | 0 comments

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Thermo EMC Test systemsWelcome to Thomas Marketing, a marketing advisory and coaching business with current and in-depth understanding of lean (Agile) marketing best practices, and the know-how to harness their power.

Velcro Croc snout shut

A little old school film retouching keeping this croc’s snout shut (and us miles away) with Velcro® brand HTH® high technology hook fastener, circa ’92

A hands-on strategist, project manager, and coach, I can help you dodge hazards and build headway with confidence. Even when marketing is the last thing you want to do.
It’s OK — I have your back.

After 35 years hand-to-hand marketing and ad agency combat, I have extensive operations, marketing, and creative management expertise. I know how to get things done, and can execute against strategies across the spectrum of possible tactics, media and resources. Most importantly, I can help analyze outcomes fast; adjusting and tightening focus, and marketing dynamics as data and good sense might suggest. 

And, with a keen and honed marketing and business sense, I can provide perspective and knowledge to help you believe what you know. This is not a little thing.

Please contact me, Tom Lanen, for on-the-spot information. (508) 951-0130
Resume | Thomas (Tom) Lanen | Brand Marketer

ThomasMarketing Services Corp_Brand Eco-System & Visual Design System.

A branded visual design and marketing ‘eco-system’ that expands upon the identity established by the logo; with all tactics aligned with the core strategic brand communications platform to create a consistent and engaging brand presence. This business, Pacific Resources, was sold in a private sale to a large consulting business just two years after we restaged the brand, as depicted in this “Self-Sustaining Brand Eco-System.” (Click on image to view larger size.)



LinkedIn Profile: Thomas G. Lanen

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