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Think of Me As Your Brand Marketing GPS

By on Oct 1, 2017 in Brand, Branding, Coaching, Innovation, Lean, Marketing, Mentoring, Startup, Strategy, Turnaround | 0 comments

Thomas G Lanen Thomas Marketing Services Corporation May 2017Welcome to Thomas Marketing, a marketing advisory
business actively focused on branded technologies and processes related to the emerging medical (MMJ) and recreational cannabis sector; and the complexities of
state and Federal regulatory issues, including
compliant packaging and safety.

I’m Tom Lanen, and my business, brand development
and marketing experience is wide-ranging in support
of well-known brands such as Velcro™, Keurig™,
Ovation Benefits™ Group, Boston Whaler™, and
Thermo Fisher Scientific™; and many startups.

A hands-on SME, strategist, project manager, and
coach, I help principals focus, articulate and
amplify their brand and position; quantify goals;
and plan marketing and sales strategies.
Then, I help get it done, fast and well.
+1 (508) 951-0130

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Guest Post: ‘Live, Protect + Strengthen the Brand’

By on Jun 7, 2017 in Lean Startup | 0 comments

By Bill Carew, Ovation Benefits Group
[From a post that first appeared in the Ovation Nation Blog in 2012.]

I have always been infatuated with the power of strong brands. Since we started this business 10 years ago, we tried to build an organization—and a brand—that reflected who we were as individuals and what we thought our customers valued the most:

– Image
– Integrity
– Service
– Creativity
– Commitment
– Innovation
– Excellence
– Positive Energy
– Passion
– Personality

I learned to appreciate the power of the brand by working with branding guru Tom Lanen of Thomas Marketing Services Corporation, who taught me about brand equity and the need to constantly and continuously protect and preserve and strengthen your brand. “Protect it at all costs” …

How Two Youth Soccer ‘Troublemakers’ Helped Me Devise A Strategy To Find Hidden Leaders

By on May 3, 2017 in Coaching, Strategy |

Coaching youth soccer was one of the most fun and most satisfying, albeit challenging dad things I did when my sons were young. Not that I knew what I was doing; I did not. I’d never played it as a youth, and in fact my only connections to the game came from a Danish soccer team wear client I had during the 1994 World Cup in the USA; and through osmosis from my creative partner, an Irish National designer … Click > below to continue

Al Baier’s Business Gift To Me: A Profound Life Lesson

By on Apr 25, 2017 in business, Marketing, Parenting, Strategy |

Every so often there’s an article enumerating “The 10 Most Important Things I’ve learned in Business.” Inevitably it starts with #1: “I learned Excel.”

Well, I’m as big a sucker for these lists as the next guy, and always scan them for tidbits o’ wisdom. And sure, learning Excel is probably one of them.

Oddly though, I’ve never seen the one lesson I’ve always considered most important in my business life … please click > below to read more

Brand, As It Should Be

By on Mar 2, 2017 in Brand, Coaching, Marketing, Mentoring, Strategy |

I’ve just completed my first significant assignment solely as a strategy and brand coach, versus the full-service ad agency guy I’ve been throughout my career. When I took the assignment, I expected it to be routine: the charge was to help re-establish a mid-technology B2B brand, and the beginnings of a marketing program — right in my wheelhouse. But, while one of my primary goals was to encourage the client’s staff to take over content and social media creation, I expected resistance, and thought I’d still have to be part of the tactical team.

Then I met the young stakeholders of this Austrian mid-technology business, and they stepped-up and took full ownership of the brand. I was delighted … click > below to read more