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What People Say

Here’s what a few brilliant marketers and business people have said about Tom Lanen and Thomas Marketing Services.

I have worked with Tom for over 15 years and found him to evidence levels of commitment and service that are extraordinary in my experience with agencies. He cares, really cares about his clients, and when Tom is on your team, you can relax and know that the work will be completed on time, on budget, and with superior quality. Great guy, great talent, great partner!”

Dr. Tom Potterfield, President, Velcro USA Inc.
President, ITP 
(Palo Alto)

Tom Potterfield (1954-2010) was a dear friend and marketing partner at one of my career clients. A great being, he inspired me, and I miss him. That he lent his testimonial to me is a great source of joy, gratitude, and love. T-


Tom has never been just a supplier or consultant; he’s been a partner. His pride in his work and deliverables is so strong that I’ve felt like he was a part of our organization. I’ve never doubted that he’s had my success, and my company’s success front of mind. Tom is dependable, intense and innovative.

Kim Baltier, Vice President, Strategic Accounts, Thermo Fisher Scientific


When we restaged our brand, calling Tom Lanen saved us days of foundering about what to do and equally as many finding the right answers. Our website just would not have happened without him. We hit the boards running, and today are building an international customer base. 

Bob Torgerson, General Manager, Lightman®/Visibility Systems Company


Tom’s guidance, expertise and honesty helped me make the right decisions, which equated to successful projects for me, and my team. His creativity and energy are inspiring.

Tricia Harris, Customer Experience Manager, Biosciences, Thermo Fisher Scientific


I’ve worked with Tom Lanen for well over a decade. You don’t work with someone for that long unless they bring you real value. Whether it was a poster series at Boston Whaler, a brochure at LoJack, or sales promotion and support at Keurig, he’s always taken the time to understand my needs, and then made it happen, exceeding expectations.

Dave Manley, Senior VP, Core Systems Innovation (Retired), Keurig Premium Coffee Systems


During our five years together Tom worked incredibly well both up and down the organization; LISTENED and asked questions until he was sure that he understood the nuances of the challenge; and then developed innovative and consistently powerful on-target messages … on-schedule and on-budget!

Sharon Halter, Divisional President, Thermo Fisher Scientific


“As we started our new agricultural (organic foods) business, the last thing we could commit to was the time and attention a website design project would require. I knew I wanted + needed one, but how to go about it?

Fortunately we met Tom Lanen from ThomasBoston who worked with us to design a logo and a website. Not only were the paths we took to get there refreshing and creative, the time it took to design both were quick and on target with business objectives. Tom connected and understood the message we wanted to portray, helped structure the site features and navigation, and managed the project(s).

We are very pleased with the professional look and feel that our logo + website gives visitors. My husband and I are grateful to Tom for helping us launch Long Life Farm in such a professional manner.“

Laura Davis, Owner and Farmer, Long Life Farm, Organic CSA, Hopkinton, MA (former VP of Sales and Marketing for Covidien)


Tom brings energy, enthusiasm and passion to every assignment. He cares deeply about his clients and takes great pride in developing strong concepts that meet objectives. His years of experience and professionalism instill confidence that he will deliver great work on time and within budget. 
Denise Boyd, Thermo Fisher Scientific


I have worked with Tom Lanen on three national marketing and sales programs. He and his teams always brought the right online and offline resources to bear in a cost-effective and timely manner. We put our heads together and one plus one doesn’t yield two; it equals ‘big number’. And that refers to results, not costs.

Peter Caruso, CEO + Founder, AirMotion Sciences 


“A little wary of what creating a website would entail, but knowing I had to do something about the old one that just wasn’t working anymore, I brought in Tom to walk me through it.

Now it’s done, I’m pleased how he didn’t try to ‘create’ our brand, but first listened to me, and took stock of our operations. Then he reached out and pulled together all the different threads of who we are, what we do, and what we’ve been building over the years, and wove it into a new ‘tapestry.’

The new site really does feel to me like the Quebrada™ ‘neighborhood bakeries,’ and our Fresh, Fresh, Fresh™ ideas. I also see my menu, products and staff with a clearer sense of where my business can grow, and how we can better serve our customers. It feels good.“

Kay Wiggin, Founder, President & Baker, Quebrada Baking Co., Arlington, Belmont & Wellesley Hills 


You Rock. – Sales & Marketing Supervisor, Electronics Manufacturer